Visited Jolly Factory

Cutting Department
CAD system, it provides us. True pattern making, matching, checking, marking and grading. In addition, technology machines such as band knives, automatic cloth spreaders, fabric relaxing ,checking, and plotters for marking assists us to cut all fabric more perfectly. With our experience specialists, Jolly has cutting capacity over 500,000 pieces per month to guarantee our garment's quantity and delivery date.

Sewing Department
Sewing is one of the most important process for producing garment. At Jolly, all our operators are trained well before be allowed working in production line. Most of operators also are trained to use many kinds of machine with variety of production process. So that the factory can get more chance to make orders in different styles.

Finishing and Packing department.
After passed sewing department, in finishing and packing department, all garments our passed through Nissan- Japan needled detector machines. An then they are pressed with steam iron with vacuum tables. Finally, the garments are packed in accordance with the buyer's specifications.

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